A couple of thoughts on Disney’s “Frozen”

FROZENI want to talk for a moment about the movie “Frozen.” I watched it about three weeks ago and like almost everyone else, absolutely loved it.

This came as a surprise for me because I’ve never been a huge fan of the Disney franchise, except for enjoying a trip to Magic Kingdom now and then. I also tend to have reservations about Disney princesses.

“Frozen” completely deviates from everything that Disney has stood for in the past, as many people have noticed. Yet it manages to maintain that magic and wonder that people love about Disney films.

What captured me originally was the soundtrack. In fact, it was the reason that I decided to watch it at all–I’m a big sucker for musicals. I had been hearing “Let It Go” on the radio over and over again, and eventually found myself singing along.

When my friend bought the DVD, she brought it over and we made an afternoon out of watching it.

Everything about it was wonderful, the graphics; the music, Alof the snowman and Sven the reindeer, and not to mention the beautiful tale of sisterly love between Elsa and Anna.

I definitely liked that Disney did everything in its power to set a new tone for its future. It completely dismissed old standards of romance with the firm line that Elsa delivers to Anna upon the announcement of her engagement, “you can’t marry a man you just met.”

I thought it was ironic that Olaf the snowman could speak but Sven, a reindeer, could not. And wasn’t it just so cute when Olaf tells Anna, “some people are worth melting for”?

With my women’s studies background, it would be impossible for me not to point out a few minor flaws in the film. I didn’t really like that there seemed to be so much emphasis on the danger that came with Elsa’s powers.

Elsa’s powers make her fierce and independent, but also dangerous. It worries me that this might create a subconscious correlation between a powerful woman and danger in the viewer’s mind.

In general, however, the film is a lovely step in the right direction. I’m really interested to see what Disney will roll out next, as “Frozen” has definitely set the bar high.


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