A few tips on how to stay sane during the end of the semester

Great advice from 50s housewife. Credit
Great advice from 50s housewife.

Everyone knows that finals week is a royal pain in the butt. But the stress really starts a few weeks before as you realize that all those nights when you chose hitting up your favorite bar over digging your face into a textbook are actually taking a toll on your grades.

It’s time to do some damage control. Although you need to really get things together and study hard for those finals, its important to find ways to de-stress and stay calm. No, don’t even look at that half-empty of vodka atop your refrigerator.

The following are a few tips for not losing your mind during this arduous journey to freedom called The End of the Semester.

1. Picture yourself in a few weeks being totally free. This might sound cheesy, but it actually really helps to imagine being done with everything and finally having some freedom. Remember that you aren’t doing all of this work for nothing, and there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Load up on snackage. Doesn’t matter what it is, you’re going to need your favorite comfort foods to pull yourself through all this work. Consider this: every time you finish a new page of that term paper, you get a doughnut–or every paragraph, whatever.

3. Take meaningful breaks. This means getting up from your work every now and then to clear your mind and do something enjoyable for yourself. This does not mean going to check Facebook every five minutes to look away from your studies for a few minutes. These types of breaks usually only perpetuate procrastination. Set a time for your break, and come back ready to go at it for another period of time.

5. Take a dance break. Just do it.

6. Don’t party—seriously. Don’t. I know all those end-of-the-semester parties sound super tempting, but a hangover is going to take you 1000 steps back in your scholastic marathon.

7. GET GOOD SLEEP. Instead of taking random 4-hour naps, try to wake up at a reasonable hour (before 11 a.m.) and stay productive throughout the day. Call it a day early and get that coveted 8 hours of sleep. Staying up all night to read over your notes is no good when you’re dealing with sleep deprivation the next day.

8. Remember that this isn’t the end of the world. If in the end for some reason or you don’t do as well in your classes as you would’ve liked, your life will go on.


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