Second experience with video taping and editing

Filming Nathan King at High Roller Fishing Lure Company.
Filming Nathan King at High Roller Fishing Lure Company.

Today, I went out to do my second video project. This time it was for my visual journalism class and it was a little different from the first one. This video needed to be a profile on someone who does something interesting.

In some ways it was easier because I only needed one source (the subject) but more intricate because it needed to be even more visual then a typical news story.

I chose a UF student, Nathan King, who works at High Roller Fishing lure Company. Since I don’t know the first thing about fishing equipment, I was totally fascinated by the small factory and all of the work that goes into building the lures.

First he gave me a quick tour of the factory, so I could get an idea of exactly what I wanted to shoot.

I sat him down for an interview and used the ‘ole le rule-of-thirds to have him speaking off to the left and show the background in this particular workroom. I debated over whether to do this because there was another employee working in the background, and I worried that it could be distracting.

In the end, I decided to go ahead and shoot it this way because I felt it was more visual and gave tone to the interview.

Fishing lures are actually pretty darn cute.
Fishing lures are actually pretty darn cute.

The work that goes into building these lures its impressive. It’s almost like an art; whenever I happen to stroll by the fishing isle at department stores I tend to notice lures for their cute appearance. I would have never imagined the tedious handiwork involved in building them.

This time, editing with iMovie was a breeze; well, almost. I finalized the project and tried to share it on YouTube, but to my dismay the app went ahead and crashed.

I panicked, but a quick Google search helped me find the finalized project file and I was able to successfully export my video.

I think I might have been missing some b-roll, a few more overall shots the factory itself would have probably been nice.

One thing is for sure; this experience with video was a thousand times better than the first.

My feelings towards filming are slowly improving. I’ll be doing another project more similar to the first


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